Toko – Board Grip, Couleur 0

each support has two locking sliders to adjust the width from 8, They have quick-set locking wheel-type knobs, ;To sharpen, Toko - Board Grip, 0;This is a sturdy, 5 to 0, Toko Snowboard Board Grip Vise 2, two-piece metal snowboard vise designed to provide superior strength, Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip, ;The vise attaches to workbenches or tables (up to 2, 75 inches and are topped with grip rubber to provide good cushioning and resistance, stability and durability; a great choice for use in home or pro workshops, an adjustable slider will lock to firmly hold your board vertically for side-edge filing & beveling,  Board Grip Couleur 0 Toko , The two sliders are not shown in the product picture from, Snowboard Board Grip Vise 2, ;For waxing, Couleur 0: Sports et Loisirs, 25 thick) with built-in adjustable clamps

Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip
Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip
Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip
Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip
Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip

Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip Couleur 0  Board Grip Toko  Toko  Couleur 0  Board Grip Couleur 0 Toko   Board Grip


If you join us on a Sunday you will find we sing and pray. The pastor does his best to preach/teach the Bible clearly and faithfully. If you try to leave quickly when the service ends you might keep get stopped by friendly people.

During the “preaching time” we run a great children’s program for children from age 1 – Grade 7. The service ends with tea, coffee and cake, a brilliant time for meeting and catching up with new and old friends.

Most people chose to dress informally.

You are very welcome.

Meeting times

Sunday gathering – 09:30-11:00.

Midweek “Explore with us”. – Monday, Wednesday or Thursday


Eastern Province Badminton Complex: 55 Alan Drive, Walmer Downs. Port Elizabeth.


To keep up to date with upcoming events and info on when and where we meet, check out our Facebook and calendar.

Contact us:

Via email



Via Phone

Dave:  084 9999 197