We are City Lights

City Lights is a vibrant and growing church community in Port Elizabeth. Together, we glorify God through gospel-centred lives and service to our city.

Formerly, City Lights existed as two local churches: New Nation Community Church (led by Jon & Ingrid Oxley and Nic & Sara Thackwray) and One Life Church (led by Dave & Megan Shepherd). All of these leaders relocated to Port Elizabeth in order to plant and establish these churches.

Over a period of a few years, God established both local churches in this city. People were added and leaders were identified and released. Both communities were convinced that God intended to use them to reach the city of Port Elizabeth. In early 2015 there were stirrings and conversations about a merging of the two churches into one new church and, after hours of prayer and conversation, all agreed that One Life and New Nation would be better together. On 11 October 2015, the local churches of New Nation Community Church and One Life Church merged and began public meetings as City Lights Church.


Our Name

We wanted a non-religious name that immediately set a tone of life, purpose, and radical devotion to God and his mission. Since we long to see people come to God, we also needed a name that would resonate as much with undecided people as with those who already love Jesus. City Lights is a proclamation of what we have become. It is also a provocation for what we are called to be. We are Lights: to all who don’t yet know Him, to those who receive Him and even to those who will constantly refuse Him.