We’re inviting everyone. Everyone who calls this church their church. Anyone who is visiting us at the moment. Everyone who is interested… come and EXPLORE WITH US.

Christianity Explored (TM) is a series that unpacks the Gospel really well. It accurately explains the Christian faith and what it means to be a Christian. So if you have questions or if you just need to hit refresh, please come and Explore with us.

We are meeting in small groups, in homes of our City Lights members. “Exploring together”, discovering new truths and rediscovering old ones.

This series will not only teach you things it will connect us with each other.

Finally, When I watched CE, as someone who has been a Christian for over 25 years and who has shared the gospel countless times… I felt like I was being trained, equipped to share the gospel with others. This series is a master class in sharing the Gospel.

·        Every follower is a fisherman

·        Every disciple is a disciple maker

·      We are Salt and we are light.

If you want to be salty salt and you want to be a really bright light… this series will really help to equip and train you.

It truly is a master class in sharing the Gospel.

So there are three great, diverse reasons for you to “EXPLORE TOGETHER” with us in a small group

We hope you will contact us to sign up with a group near you.

dave@citylights.org.za whatsapp 084 9999197