Our goal is to be a church full of active participants rather than passive spectators. Serving within City Lights, as well as serving in the community and around the world are important parts of sharing God’s story.  It always takes a team so we invite everyone to get involved in this great task.

Here’s a list of our top 7 (Please use the form below to join a team)


SET UP & PACK DOWN| The integral role of preparing the venue for our Sunday service and packing away afterwards. This team arrives early to set chairs and tables, place signage and do most of the “heavy lifting”. After the meeting we stay late do it all in reverse leaving the venue ready for those coming on Monday.


WORSHIP | A huge part of a Sunday experience is the time of singing lead by a dedicated group of people. Availability to attend regular practices as well as a commitment to pursue growing proficiency on a musical instrument and/or a good singing voice is necessary in order to be a part of this team.

SOUND | Arriving early, this team comes to set up and run the PA system at Sunday meetings and other events. They are also responsible for the recording sermons and packing away all portable sound equipment after the meeting.

MEDIA | Working alongside the sound and worship teams “Media” takes responsibility for all multimedia visuals displayed at our meetings.


HOSPITALITY| Every Sunday we provide refreshments after the meeting. An integral part of our social time together this is a “family” moment where we catch up and build community.

BAKING| Wonderful people who either bake or buy treats, providing us all with fresh eats to enjoy after the meeting.

KIDS’ MINISTRY| Every Sunday morning leaders run The Gospel Project, a children’s program engaging the children and teaching them Biblical truths in fun, understandable ways. They also free parents to serve or to enjoy the service.

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